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September 23, 2013


iOS 7... Wish I had never installed it. My phone has been slower/delayed and freezes sometimes. To hell with Apple.

To fully explain why and how Apple presents its brand image is too much to put down here.
So i will keep it short and make use of a analogy. Just as there are A, B and C locations for say stores, there better and worse locations for ads.
Some will therefore cause wrong impressions even if they are ever so subtle.

Sorry, the last paragraph had a bad link which has now been corrected. The link will lead to the originating report which will confirm and expand upon this point of restricting advertising.

Apple is preventing advertisements of apple on busses and planes??
Why is apple restricting it's own advertising?
Sorry I couldn't understand the last paragraph.Can anyone explain?

Samsung S4 comparison retail 'sales' 10M in 1st month

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