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August 29, 2013


Hi Mcarter, thanks for the feedback.

I currently use something like this already for when I'm working out. It's not just a carrying case. You can use your earpods on one end and the connector in your iPod or iPhone on the other end. Then you control the right amount of slack in the middle with this accessory so that it's just right for your activity whatever it is.

So in that application, I think it's good. It's something that Apple should just include with your purchase of a new iDevice. Yet knowing Apple, they'll make you pay for it. We'll see.


Looks simple and cool but honestly I still think people would just not bother using it. I know loosely coiling them up into my pocket sucks for the lifespan of them but it's easier than carrying ca case around. The case would be used at home maybe :)

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