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August 06, 2013


I would agree to this. It looks like the "cylindrical" style scroll wheel to me.

Expose is a solution that NeXTSTEP had built-in.

Never had a problem with NeXTSTEP window clutter. Hold the command key and double-click the active icon and all windows hide, except the App windows you want. Switch seemlessly between apps.

Expose is a mouse driven only solution to a problem better solved in NeXTSTEP.

For the requested inputs on "one for a mystery design shown at the bottom center. If you happen to know what the mystery design relates to, please send us a note in our comment area",

I think this is a wheelbased HMI that we see for example in the Clock App in iOS (ex. While setting time, hh, mm AM/PM)

It looks like the date scroll wheel to me.

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