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1. Cover - Apple granted 15 design patents in Hong Kong
Apple has been on a roll lately winning a series of new design patents in Hong Kong China. The Hong Kong IP Office awarded Apple with 22 design patents in July alone covering such things as new iMacs, iPhones and the battery for the MacBook Pro. Late yesterday Apple was awarded a new series of 15 design patents to kick off August just right. The design patents cover a number of Apple products and possibly a new Apple Store pedestal styled stand for the next iPhone.

Apple Awarded 5 Design Patents for a New Apple Store iPhone Display Stand


2 Hong Kong IP Office Grants Apple 5 New Apple Store iPhone display stands

Apple was granted five new design patents in Hong Kong yesterday relating to a new iPhone stand to be used in Apple Stores. Certain perspective views of the new stand illustrated below appear to include a much higher slanted pedestal style design than can be found in Apple Stores today.


3. Apple Granted Design patent 1300596.8M003 in Hong Kong - FIG. 8


4. Apple design patent granted in Hong Kong - bottom view fig 7 of .8M003


5. Apple design patent granted in Hong Kong. fig. 4 of 8m003


6. Apple patent design win in Hong Kong FIG. 2
7. Other perspectives of iPhone Display Stand granted patents .8M001 & .8M004

Apple Awarded 6 Design Patents for the iPod nano


8- Hong Kong IP Office Granted Patent form in-Part for Apple iPod nano - 6 design patents in total

Apple's first iPod nano was introduced in 2005. Since that time the iPod nano has undergone more changes in design than any other iDevice. Apple's seventh generation iPod nano was introduces last year during the iPhone 5 event. Yesterday, the Hong Kong Patent Office awarded Apple six design patents covering all aspects of the design. We highlight just a few of the design angles below.


9. Apple granted 6 design patents for the iPod nano in Hiong Kong


10. Apple granted 6 design patents in Hong Kong for iPod nano - Front, sides, top and bottom perspectives

Apple Awarded 3 Design Patents for the iPod Touch Loop


Apple was awarded design patents for the iPod Touch Loop retail packaging in July. Late yesterday, the Hong Kong IP Office awarded Apple three design patents relating to their new lanyard branded the "iPod touch Loop." The patents cover all aspects of the design including the strap and locking loop.


11. Apple is granted 3 design patents for the iPod Touch Loop in Hong Kong

Apple Awarded a Design Patent for the In-Ear Headphone Remote


Apple has been awarded a design patent relating to their new In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic. The awarded design specifically covers the "remote" mechanism only.

12. Apple wins design patent for the remote part of Apple's in-ear headphones



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