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July 14, 2013


It works very good and Apple makes great profits from the Windows camp on iTunes. They could do the same on Android.

Thanks for your comment E. However, I didn't suggest switching but rather asked the question would Apple follow this new trend in the future being that they considered it in a few patents of theirs.

Trust Eric Schmidt? Hahahahaha, never. As for having a 41 mega pixel phone, I have no need and aren't interested, my 4S does just fine. Trading a phone that has a crappy OS and weak hardware because it has a high resolution camera would be silly,

Does iTunes work as good as it does on Mac?

Why is that any different than iTunes on Windows.

iTunes will be on my many PCs and there's no ruining of image.

Your position is illogical.

I don't think that Apple will bring iTunes to the Android. Since if there is some issue with it working, people would blame Apple and that ruins the image. I don't see any chance that iTunes on Mac syncing music to the Android phone, I don't see Apple supporting so many different phones and putting their effort in that and risking ruining their image.

Hi Adam, thanks for your comment. I was quoting the report that I linked to where it states the following: ".. by using the camera to take one very high resolution picture at 38 megapixels for editing, and another, 5MP one that is smaller and easier to share online."

But yes, it's touted as a 41 megapixel camera.

Nokia phone has 41 megapixels Jack.

Yes, I'd like iTunes on Android as I have MacBook and an Android phone.

The higher end camera would be appreciated for holidays but I'd like it on a new iPod with a large screen using an iPad-like SIM Card for data. I don't think an iPhone would work for me. Repurposing the iPod is the way to go.

No matter how much they talk, Apple should enter the space of "Search"

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