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According to a new report today from Korea's IT News, Apple will expand the adoption of IGZO displays in order to lessen mobile devices' energy consumption. Apple is now reportedly in serious talks with Sharp and LG.

The sources are stating that Sharp is sinking its teeth into raising the production of IGZO panels while LG Display is upgrading its AM OLED and LCD production lines to ones capable of rolling out IGZO panels.


IGZO, an indium gallium zinc oxide semiconductor, is used in TFTs (Thin Film Transistor) that control a supporting (but non-conducting) substrate such as glass. Oxide semiconductors are about 10 times faster in electron mobility than a-Si (amorphous silicon). Therefore, mobile devices equipped with IGZO displays come with batteries with a longer lifespan.


In tandem with advances in IGZO technologies, Apple has decided to expand the application of IGZO displays to the iPad and to introduce IGZO displays to the upcoming MacBook, slated for release in the first half of next year.


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