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July 09, 2013


It will be interesting to see what they will actually do with the scanner, make it only as a security device for the phone or to actually take and store fingerprints.

Nothing makes me laugh more than these boneheads in the media (particularly the Apple-envied Korean media) that think technology in and of itself is the breakthrough. Having a miniature fingerprint scanner isn't a breakthrough, how long has Authentec been making them? Its nothing new.

Its what you DO with technology, how its applied to create a PRODUCT, where the magic happens. Why some people have such a hard time understanding the difference between a technology and a product, I have no idea. Technology doesn't shape itself into a product. And technology is meaningless without application.

I can just imagine a meeting with Samsung/LG execs who deliberately schedule media events weeks ahead of rumored Apple launches. "YES guys, we really got them now, everyone will think WE were first." Then Apple launches something weeks later that puts the phoneys to shame and makes their efforts look juvenile in comparison. Phoniness can only get you so far.

NFC... actually had high hopes for this (unlike qr codes). The scanner will probably go on the back, line on the article photo. It will look bad.

The photos indicate the backside.

I think LG's Fingerprint recognition will be just like NFC, it is in phones for years now, but there is almost none use of it.
But I also wonder where they will put that sensor and how well it works.

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