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Apple has been on a roll lately winning a series of new design patents in Hong Kong China. The Hong Kong IP Office has awarded Apple with 20 design patents in July alone covering such things as new iMacs, iPhones and the battery for the MacBook Pro. As of today, Apple could add two additional designs to that list that just happen to be their loopiest to date.    


Late yesterday, Apple was granted two design patents by the Hong Kong IP Office for the packaging related to the iPod touch "loop" lanyard. As Apple gears up to triple their retail footprint in China over the next two years, it only makes sense to see Apple legal ramp up their intellectual property work in China.


Apple's new design patents consist of a series of colored and black and white drawings covering the retail packaging from different angles as you could see for yourself below. 

2. Apple wins 2 retail pkg design patents relating to the ipod touch loop

3. Apple granted 2 design patents in Hong Kong for Retail Packaging

4. Hong Kong IP Office Register of Designs Form In-Part for Apple, Loop retail pkg

5. Apple design patents from Hong Kong IP Office  - Loop retail pkg

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Can't blame Apple. That korean copycat company is undeterred. Even this won't stop them, they're still going to make the exact replica of it in different colours and stamp Samsung all over it. They think by simply putting "Samsung" on it makes it different, the shameless plagiarists

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