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July 25, 2013


Im not an engineer. But reading through the patent application, it strikes me that an iWatchband fashioned in the above manner would permit flexibility, such as would be required in a previous apple patent describing a "slap" bracelet design, as well as potentially permitting a more comfortable design, in that it would permit wicking away of moisture from the skin of the wearer to the atmosphere. I have been wondering how Jony Ive would manage to make a watchband that was sleek, stylish, durable, and that would potentially function as an integral part of the device itself. Maybe we are seeing it here

Thanks for the reply. I am optimistic at the building body of evidence suggesting Apple is taking this seriously. It will be great to finally hold an iPhone that leverages the benefits of liquidmetal. Apple is definitely not a fast moving company, but if anyone is going to bring this obscure tech into mainstream it has to be them.

Thanks for the report, I look forward to what you publish in the future.

Thanks for the comment.

Most of last week's chatter wasn't even based on a true Apple patent. The real patent news came in our April report. Today's published patent application builds on that news, Fazoole.

While it's clear by Apple's patent activity that they're constantly working on this liquid metal project, forecasting a specific product or date for this material would be a guess at best.

Apple worked on the iPhone and applied for over 200 patents over a 7 year period. As consumers we want every great Apple idea to come to market NOW. Yet in the real world, big hit products and projects take time to come to market. But like you, I'd like to see this material finally makes its way to market sooner rather than later.


Why hasn't 9-5 mac or macrumors picked this up. Seems pretty connected to all the liquidmetal speculation from last week. Does this mean a liquidmetal iphone 5s is possible?

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