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1A. Cover - New iCloud TM application from Apple, new flat design
Say bye-bye to Apple's metallic iCloud icon/logo. On July 10, 2013, the US Patent & Trademark Office published Apple's latest trademark application for the new "iCloud" logo/icon that's consistent with Apple's new iOS 7 flat design. The new application under number 86003195 was first filed in Jamaica. Our report presents you with Apple's jumbo iCloud icon/logo along with another new black and white iOS 7 icon that we found in the Canadian IP Office's database today.

Apple's Trademark Application In-Part for "iCloud" Logo/Icon


2. Apple's Trademark Application In-Part for new iCloud logo - Icon

3. Apple's new iCloud Logo Icon in flat design - July 10, 2013

Apple's International Class Details for iCloud Logo/Icon


Apple has filed their trademark under the sole International Class 009 which covers the following specific details:


Computers; computer hardware; mobile digital electronic devices for sending and receiving of telephone calls, electronic mail, and for use as a handheld computer, digital audio and video player, personal digital assistant, electronic organizer, electronic book reader, electronic notepad, electronic calendar, global positioning system (GPS) device, and camera; computer software for use in uploading, downloading, storing, backing up, transmitting, receiving, accessing, retrieving, managing, organizing, and synchronizing data, email, documents, images, audio, video, multimedia content, electronic publications, computer files and other computer software; computer software for tracking the location of mobile digital electronic devices; computer software for use in accessing the Internet or other computer or communications networks; computer programs for personal information management; electronic mail and messaging software; database synchronization software; database management software; computer gaming machines, namely hand-held units for playing electronic games for use with external display screen or monitor; computer game software for use with or on personal computers, telephone, mobile telephones, or videophones; telephones; mobile telephones and/or videophones.


Apple's priority filing is based on a claim of priority based on Jamaica application number 61806, filed 01/08/2013.During Apple's WWDC event, Craig Federighi made a few cracks about the older designed icons using virtual green felt and stitched leather. Ive and Federighi obviously followed through on this thinking by killing the metallic look for iCloud. Another one bites the dust.


Another new iOS 7 icon has surfaced in the Canadian IP Office's database in black and white for "FaceTime" under application number 1631235. Apple originally filed for it in late June.


4. Apple's iOS 7 FaceTime icon, Black and White, Canadian IP Office

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