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Another Big Round of New Colorful iOS 7 Icon Designs are Published

1. Cover - Ten New Apple iOS 7 Icons July 02, 2013

Apple's new iOS 7 icon trademark applications began to roll out of the US Patent and Trademark Office late last Friday beginning with FaceTime. On Monday, an avalanche of new iOS 7 icons rolled out of the US Patent Office and Trademark Office (USPTO) with 6 new jumbo color icons along with 17 new black and white icons coming out of Canada's IP Office. Today, USPTO published yet another round of 10 jumbo colored iOS icons. The majority of Apple's new icon designs have been generally applauded by the Apple community with several exceptions being booed in the hopes of getting Jony Ive's attention. Many are hoping that Apple will further refine some of the icon designs before iOS 7 rolls out this fall.

Apple Files Applications for 10 new iOS Icon Trademark Designs


Apple appears to be in a race to protect their new iOS 7 icon designs that were first presented at Apple's WWDC on June 10. Today, another 10 new icon designs popped up at the US Patent and Trademark Office. To date, 17 jumbo colored icons have surfaced since late Friday with a handful left to go. Today's round of new icon designs cover stocks, maps, weather, notes, videos, messages, newsstand, passbook, settings and reminders.


2. Apple iOS 7 Stocks icon

3. Apple's iOS 7 Maps Icon

4. Apple iOS 7 Weather Icon

5. Apple iOS 7 Notes Icon

6. Apple's iOS 7 Videos Icon

7. Apple's iOS 7 iMessage Icon

8. Apple's iOS 7 Newsstand Icon

9. Apple's iOS 7 Passbook Icon

10. Apple iOS 7 Settings Icon

11. Apple's iOS 7 Reminders Icon


Today's trademark applications from Apple could be found under the following numbers at the US Patent and Trademark Office: 85971409, 85971439, 85971494, 85971520, 85971549, 85971596, 85971613, 85971631, 85971650 and 85971658.


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the settings app is by far the worst change, in my opinion it doesn't make sense and is very ugly to say the most. I would hope that apple changes it for the Fall release, but to be honest it really shouldn't stay in this form.

Marc Driftmeyer

I cringe and chuckle at that settings icon. The gears being layered with smaller on top of larger is solid. The problem is there is no linkage between gears via their teeth. Nothing is turning and setting.

It's a glorified disposal which really should the trash can that writes to /dev/null


I loved the all grey icons! It would be nice if we could choose A.) the color Icons or B) the all grey icons!

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