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An Avalanche of Revised iOS 7 Icons Surface at Two Patent Offices While Apple files for iWatch Trademark in Japan

1. Cover - Apple TM Filings July 1, 2013 - iOS 7 Icons + iWatch
According to a new Reuters report, Apple has filed a trademark application for "iWatch" in Japan. Reuters Canada adds that Apple's iWatch trademark was listed by the Japanese Patent Office on June 27 as covering computers, computer peripherals and wristwatches. In other IP News, an avalanche of new Apple iOS 7 icon trademark applications have been published in both the US and Canadian IP Offices today. Our report includes a series of jumbo color graphics along with a series of black and white iOS 7 icon designs.

During Tim Cook's D11 conference interview he stated that "There's nothing that's going to convince a kid who has never worn glasses or a band or a watch to wear one, or at least I haven't seen it."


Contrary to Cook's comments about a wrist based wearable computer, Apple's iWatch related patent came to light in February 2013 with great detailing.


Apple's iWatch trademark filing has yet to be filed in the US, Canada, China or Europe in order to verify further details. However, searching the European Patent Office's database did produce a result worth noting. The trademark iWatch is technically owned by Italy's Prodbendi Inc as illustrated in our graphic below.


1b - iWatch is currently owned by Probendi Inc

Yet it could be debatable if their filing could stop Apple's filing as it doesn't specifically cover a clock, a wrist computer or hardware in general. The following is what the iWatch trademark covers under international Class 009: Apparatus, instruments and media for recording, reproducing, carrying, storing, processing, manipulating, transmitting, broadcasting, retrieving and reproducing music, sounds, images, text, signals, software information, data and code, software, instruments and apparatus for location and navigation of vehicles and personnel; computer application software for mobile devices.


The only other iWatch trademark filing of any value covering a watch or clock was abandoned by Grimoldi Milano of Italy in 2009.


Apple Files for New iOS 7 Icon Trademark Designs


On Saturday we reported on Apple's new iOS 7 FaceTime icon trademark filing and stated that "due to Apple's redesigned iOS 7 UI going flat, many icons will have to be updated with the US Patent and Trademark Office in the coming months." Well, two days later and an avalanche of new iOS 7 icon trademark filings popped up in both the US and Canada.


Below you'll find 6 jumbo icon examples that were filed in the US for "Camera, Calculator, Clock, Contacts, Mail and Compass."


2. Apple iOS 7 Camera Icon - July 2013


3. Apple iOS 7 calculator icon TM

4. Apple iOS 7 Clock icon TM

5. Apple iOS 7 Contacts icon TM

6 Apple iOS 7 Mail Icon TM

7. Apple files for iOS 7 Compass icon

Apple's iOS 7 Icon Trademark Filings Show Up in Canada


The Canadian Intellectual Property Office revealed a series of 17 iOS 7 icon trademark applications with the provided examples in black and white.


8. Apple files an avalanche of iOS 7 icons Trademark applications in Canada

9. Apple files an avalanche of iOS 7 icons Trademark applications in Canada


The new Canadian filings were officially published early last week according to the database finding noted above. The application numbers in this series could be found in the Canadian database as follows: 1630977, 1630969, 1631407, 1631338, 1631337, 1631336, 1631233, 1631231, 1631230, 1631229, 1631228, 1631227, 1631226, 1631225, 1631223, 1631158 and 1631152.


11. One example of Apple's TM filings for new iOS 7 icon designs from USPTO July 1, 2013

Apple has filed all of their new iOS 7 icon applications under International Class 009 covering the following specifically: "Computer software for use as a standard and scientific calculator sold as a feature of handheld mobile digital electronic devices comprised of mobile phones, digital audio and video players, handheld computers, and tablet computers."


For those wishing to further research Apple's designs, here are Apple's US filing numbers: 85971063, 85970905, 85970939, 85970984, 85971008 and 85970994.


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The old iOS clock icon is not live. In iOS 7, it is.


Does this mean were stuck with these god awful icons?!!


WOW! Those all clearish grey icons w/ the right BG would look so clean! To bad what we got were icons that looked like a bag of skittles sponsored by crayola!

Jack Purcher

I'll double that.

Marc Driftmeyer

The disposal [settings grinder] is truly asinine.

Marc Driftmeyer

The inconsistencies of drop shadows and embossing on several of these icons makes zero sense.

The Camera icon was flawless as is.

Jack Purcher

The smaller clock at the bottom of the large icon comes from our WWDC report:

The larger icon showing a different "time" on its face is from Apple's official US Patent and Trademark filing.



The jumbo clock icon shows 10:09:30, the two smaller icons below it show 10:15:00 and 9:40:30. Why the inconsistency?


Just love that new stuff!!!


Guess this means it is official, an iWatch is coming or maybe not. Seems likely though.

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