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June 13, 2013


Maybe I was seeing things, but I could have sworn that I saw the second hand moving on the clock icon. If the some of the icons really do move, that would be pretty cool. Would love to see the cool things that can be done with this.

I agree with your observations. I'd add Passbook and contacts as being bad icons too. But I like some of the news ones like Photos, Compass and Camera. I understand getting rid of the felt, wood and leather, but some of the icon trade-offs don't really work. Perhaps with enough feedback, Jony and his team will reconsider some of those icons. Here's to hoping.

Sheesh... some of those new icons are really hideous. Safari in particular is horrible, and the Game Center and Notes ones are pretty bad too. Newsstand is a bit of a disappointing change; with the old one, you could actually see the front cover of the newspaper/magazine, but with the new one, you can't get anything.

Right, that "ytpogrhy" will get you every time.

I like what Apple has done with iOS7 but until it's out, we're just seeing the icing.

The ytpogrhy is nearly illegible on their icons, and claiming that they are using transpareny/grids for this illusion of depth is pathetic, they have only skimmed the surface on what's really possible with the grid and transparency within their iOS software. I applaud that they kinda tried it out this time, or at least addressed transparency as a major competent within their design, it's going to be wild to see the use of transparency within technology, and I hope apple will utilize transparency more in the future.

I liked when Eddy, with all the names of the cars back, said (something like): "You know which I like!"

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