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Intel's updated Thunderbolt 2 technology adds support for DisplayPort 1.2 in order to enable video streaming to a single Ultra HD monitor or dual QHD monitors. While Thunderbolt is targeted at the PC industry, there are a number of IC design firms looking at the potential of a stripped down version of DisplayPort called mobility DisplayPort (MyDP) for doing similar work - streaming video from a smartphone to HD displays.

A key advantage of DisplayPort is that it can be used for driving the video signal for internal screens as well as external screens and can efficiently drive high-resolution displays such as for the 2048x1536 pixel iPad.


Thunderbolt, which allows transfer speeds that exceed what is currently available with USB 3.0, was first introduced following a collaboration between Apple and Intel in early 2011, and is now found on all Apple computers save the Mac Pro tower.


Apple was first to market with Thunderbolt ports on MacBook Pro's back in February 2011 and one has to wonder if they'll be first again with Thunderbolt 2. With Apple updating their MacBook Pro line-up next week at their developer conference (WWDC), could Apple surprise us with new Thunderbolt 2 ports? If not, they're likely to be included in the next round of upgrades. But it sure would be nice to see Apple take the lead again.


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YES!!! External video cards will work!!! :)

Apple was given an exclusive with Thunderbolt initially. So with Apple working with Intel on this standard, I'm wondering aloud if Intel would allow Apple to once again lead the way with Thunderbolt 2 on their new MacBook Pros. It's a "what if" question, not a factual one. We'll see next week.

I also stated that Thunderbolt 2 could likely be included in the next round of upgrades.

By updated MacBook Pro, are you referring to what we might see at WWDC in a few days? Is this technology ready? I think i saw on a different site it said, end of the 2013 to early 2014, but i would prefer to be wrong.

Adam, while most believe that Intel does, I just saw the other day that the Thunderbolt trademark could be granted to Apple in the not-too-distant future. Whether Apple will transfer that trademark to Intel or retain it, is unknown at this time.

Who actually owns the Thunderbolt patent Jack ?
Just curious because I am sure that I have seen both companies apply for it !

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