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June 08, 2013


ishoes - iwatch coming..

I don't think Apple's going to make all these cheap iPhone's which everyone is going on about. They need to be making bigger screened phones instead of worrying about making a cheap plastic version.

I refuse to believe the cheaper iPad mini rumor. I see Apple updating the processor, increasing the RAM, doubling the resolution, keeping the same price, and not building a cheaper version. The mini from what I heard is selling well. Countless people are willing to pay the current price, and upgrading the device would only help that. If the sales were struggling I would maybe understand, but 30% price drop from the original is crazy. Apple would have to seriously cripple that thing to make a decent profit from each device.

I continue to hear rumors about Apple building a cheap plastic low quality $h!t phone. And now a cheap low quality $h!t iPad. When I think Apple I think; high quality, top of the line, aesthetic products. This cheap products routine is what roughly 90% of the other companies do, and I will lose love for Apple if they choose to go this route, and I will see them as just any other company. Every time I hear these rumors I always think of this video:


"We don't offer, stripped down, lousy products." That's exactly what these would be. Take what you do best, tone down the quality, lower the price.

Biometric authentication is a given on all Macs. Siri, Maps, and a total makeover for Mail and Contacts.
With a single press of a finger, you can now update your apps or purchase content from iTunes.

Doubtful but hopeful we will see a new filesystem introduced.

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