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June 03, 2013


Samsungs success has everything to do with the fact that they haven't had to manage an entire software platform themselves, thus allowing them to flood the market with hardware. You'll see how that will quickly change once they're actually MAINTAINING a software platform. If they actually can, and don't quickly abandon it once they find out its much tougher than it looks to launch, get adopted, and maintain afterwards with new APIs/frameworks/features all without breaking the current architecture and keeping the platform stable/secure.

Its not easy. And judging by your comment, you clearly have no idea what its like or have any experience working on a platform.

And Apple is in decline? Funny. You just gave away your identity. Hello Samsung, so nice of you to troll on an Apple patent website. Doing some research for new ideas? ;)

Tried imagining and nothing popped up. And I believe Apple has the potential for a bright future. Guys remember, just because somebody disguises their opinions as facts doesn't mean you should allow them to alter your view on things.

Yes, you are Funny. Samsung fluked out with a large display that the public liked. But they have little else. Even smart analysts are saying that Samsung isn't innovative in the true sense. They're a copycat OEM flooding the market with crap at almost cost. And like you, they're funny in thinking that "more" of something equates to better.

I dunno about that. It took just a few years for Samsung to outpace Apple. With all the software talent they're bringing under their umbrella, imagine how much further they could solidify their dominance.

Sad to say, Apple's best days are behind them. They're stale, broken, and in decline.

I am not a hardcore Apple Fan but I would love to see Samdung getting crushed big time in 2014.

Turns out its not so easy creating and managing a powerful software platform eh? I give Samsung a 1 in a million chance of successfully managing to create a polished, powerful, and robust software platform for end users and developers. Tizen so far seems to me like an incredibly amateurish experiment into creating an operating system, something they have literally no experience doing, while Apple has been there decades arguably since the first real mainstream software platform. Its not easy architecting frameworks, an API set, core system services, AND designing a coherent and beautiful user interface on top. It takes some real competency to do, and its not as easy as just trying to copy hardware designs (Samsungs real strength).

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