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June 02, 2013


I think you just about summed it up Jack. It's completely off the wall, absurd thinking trying to put up a facade of "innovation." True innovation is NOT some futuristic science fiction mumbo jumbo, true innovation is something that is instantly practical the moment you see it. It's something so practical and so useful that you always say "OF COURSE why didn't I think of that."

I'm getting tired of these geeky ideas saturating the industry, from companies who want to appear to so futuristic "bold thinkers." Futuristic ideas are almost never practical and generally fail to appear practical to the mass society. Flying cars? Sure, it sounds cool. But how practical is it? Not very. Which is why Science fictions views of flying cars and hovering skateboards in the year 2000 haven't happened yet, despite the technology technically being available to do it by now.

The iPhone was incredible because it made so much sense and seemed to have real value to your life the minute you saw it. Seeing inertial scrolling for the first time was "wowing," but at the same time it also seemed so obvious. It just made so much sense. That's the kind of innovation that moves things forward, the brilliant ideas that are hiding in plain sight. Innovation always seems so obvious in hindsight, because it makes so much sense. "Bold thinking" isn't what helps you see genius that's hiding in plain sight, it takes CLEAR thinking to do that.

I personally think that Motorola is thinking boldly even though they didn't invent that kind of pill but they do invent a new way for using it as a password authentication system. Am I right? However, this kind of "Super Power" only lasts for 7 minutes? It is a joke if I need to take the pill every 7 minutes even though the pill has no harm (or side effect) to human body. Also, I would worry about it if it could last for 24 hours. So, I will never take it in either way.

Digital tattoo sounds interesting but not for me. If I can feel it and I need to wear it (if it is not permanent stick on my skin), then forget it. If it is permanent and I won't feel it, that's scary and I don't like it.

Anyway, I agreed with Jack and Geo, these inventions/ideas are just ridiculous.

I dont know about those pills, but they sound dumb since you have to keep taking them every day.

And who would like to have a tattoos to develop in to a mandatory authentication system? Those 2 options are just ridiculous.

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