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Motion Tracking Coming to iOS 7 looks a Little Gimmicky

1. Cover - Head Tracking for iOS 7
Apple received a Granted Patent relating to a user interface that uses motion tracking back in 2012. They've been working on this since 2009. In some circles, this is considered a head tracking user interface.
According to Apple's patent, the technology takes advantage of Apple's built-in iSight camera through a process described in the patent in which the camera sets your face up as a profile that replaces the mouse and obviously touch in iDevices. It now appears that Apple is finalizing this technology for use in iOS 7 according to Scott Buscemi reporting for Mac 9to5.

Head tracking could also be used in OS X if Apple so chose to go that route in the future. It's been linked to 3D interfaces for OS X and the iPhone. The latter is likely not to happen if Apple is to continue with their new flat UI design.


In the end it's an interesting development. Though for the little benefit of being able to use the tracking to go back to the home screen instead of pushing a button seems boring. I think I could live without the neck ache and looking like someone with a weird tick at Starbucks or anywhere else in public.


Maybe you have to see it and try it out to appreciate it – because in the only demo in town, it just looks a little gimmicky like most of Samsung's whiz bang S4 features of waving your hand to answer your phone and so on. What are your thoughts on this feature coming to iOS 7? Send in your comments.


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Excellent point, Adam.

I believe this will be marketed for people with disabilities to use.

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