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The US Patent & Trademark Office recently showed activity in a series of Apple trademark filings related to Siri. Three were updated on June 13 and another was updated in mid-May. We usually don't cover many trademark applications as we now cover trademarks when USPTO deems them to be Registered Trademarks. Yet there are always exceptions and in the case of Siri, Apple may have provided us with a few hints at what could be next for our intelligent personal assistant. One of them was for "online social networking services" which will in-part debut with iOS 7. But there are a few other interesting one's that we could look forward to in the future and our report points those out for you.

What could be next for Siri?


Apple's webpage covering Siri states that Siri is designed to help you do the things you do every day. Siri is particularly developed to know about sport scores, help you choose a movie, play movie trailers, find a restaurant, post to Facebook, send a Tweet, launch an app, set reminders, set alarms, find a contact, get directions, send a text, check the weather, send an email, track your stocks.


In iOS 7 we're told that Siri will allow you to check or update your "Settings" so that you could set things like display brightness, use the flashlight, turn on Airplane mode and more, though Control Center will probably to those things faster. So what's next for Siri?


Well, a series of Apple trademarks for Siri that are working through the US Patent and Trademark Office at this moment, describe services Apple may have intentions of covering in the future.


Siri your Travel Agent


According to Apple's current trademark application 85519241 (last updated June 13, 2013), Siri is likely to work with several new services in the future such as make hotel reservations, provide travel agency services and personal concierge services. All are likely to work with Apple's Passport and/or future iWallet. This may or may not be associated with iTravel services that Apple has been working on over the years. In fact Apple was recently granted a patent for one of their iTravel inventions.


According to this same trademark filing, Siri may also be developed to answer your questions about wines.


Siri in Education


In a separate trademark filing update for Siri that dates back to mid-May (application 85519212 specifically), Apple reveals that the trademark may be associated with future services related to providing advice and information in the field of education, namely providing online instruction in the fields of elementary, secondary, and university-level subjects including classes and workshops.


Apple's trademark filing update for Siri under number 85519250 (last updated on June 13) listed "Online social networking services." That aspect of Siri's update was covered in the sneak peak of iOS 7 as noted bellow.


2. Siri - Twitter

Whether the new services will sneak into Siri this fall with the release of iOS 7 or be available with a future update is unknown at this time.


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