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1. Cover - New Audio System for iMac, TV, Game Machine +

On June 20, 2013, the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that reveals an invention relating to a new audio system that will optimally work with speakers that are generally hidden from view. The advanced audio system will work with an iMac, iPhone, TV and beyond. Apple's patent is highly technical discussing various components such as damping chambers and acoustic damping materials. If you're an audiophile you'll enjoy digging deeper into Apple's patent filing. For the rest of us mere mortals, be assured that Apple is working on improving audio for the iDevices that we love today and for those coming in the future.

Apple's patent FIG. 1 noted in our cover graphic and below represents a side cross-sectional view of an embodiment of an electronic audio device having an acoustic output pathway and damping chamber. In some embodiments, the electronic audio device may be a desktop computer.


2. Apple patent filing for an advanced audio system for hidden speaker

In still further embodiments, the electronic audio device may be any type of electronic device having built-in speakers, for example, a smart phone, portable personal computer such as laptop, notebook, or tablet computer and/or portable radio. Still further, the electronic audio device may be a telecommunications device such as a television or interactive video gaming machine.


Apple's patent FIG. 2 is a back side view of the acoustic output pathway and damping chamber of FIG. 1.


Patent Credits


Apple credits Gordon Dix, Justin Crosby, Martin Johnson and Michael Morishita as the inventors of patent application 20130156245 which was originally filed under in Q4 2011.


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I have a 24 inch mac i bought 6 yrs ago and destroyed the audio out port when walking away wearing headphones. The internal speakers also quit and now ive no way to connect to an audio source, ive tried multiple restarts and quits with preference options for external speakers and headphones with no luck.

my bet is that this goes into an itv in 2016

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