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Yesterday we reported that Apple had found proof of patent infringement deep inside Samsung's source code, and today we find out that little trickster Samsung is now opening a new company in Washington called Intellectual Keystone Technology (IKIT). The new company is being set up in order to beef up their patent-related business. According to a Samsung official, the legal battles with Apple encouraged them to invest more in patents.

Samsung's statement noted above is as political as it gets. In the top 50 US Patent Assignees in 2012, it was Samsung in the number two spot with 5,081 patents. Apple was way down the list at number twenty-two with a measly 1,136 patents.


It was also reported on in March of this year that Samsung Electronics was found to have applied for the most patents in Europe in the last year. According to the announcement made by the European Patent Office, Samsung Electronics was ranked in the first with 2,251 applications last year, followed by Siemens, BASF and GE. LG was ranked in the 5th with 1,635 applications.


So while Samsung continues to make a case in public sound bites that they're the underdog in patents having to catch up with evil Apple, the facts seem to support that Samsung is a leading patent filer around the globe that is much larger than Apple has ever been.


Samsung has reportedly spent $25 million in setting up their new patent related business and have already purchased patents form Japan's Seiko Epson. Samsung sources said Epson's LCD and OLED-related patents were the main targets of Samsung's patent body as the firm is focusing on bolstering its OLED business.


A Samsung official reportedly went on record stating that "Samsung is eager to buy patents in LCD and OLED technologies as they have undisputable leverage in the display business and that's the area that can generate revenue regardless of market situations."


Another Samsung source stated that "Companies should be paying licensing fees for patents. We are paying to platform providers such as Microsoft in return for using their patents." Yes, and hopefully you'll be paying Apple various licensing fees in the future as well.


And lastly, it was reported today that Samsung has landed the deal for the OLED displays that will be found in Google's future Glass headset. Google's CEO Larry Page recently inspected Samsung Display's OLED production lines in Tangjeong and was briefed about details of the business.


An executive at one of Samsung Display's local parts suppliers stated that "Samsung will supply its high-end OLED screens for Google Glass. This is a really big thing because its means that Google shares confidential data with Samsung on its futuristic projects." Yes, and Apple knows firsthand what trouble that could lead to down the road. I guess it's just a matter of time until we see a Samsung copy-cat version of Google's Glass.


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You're only saying that because Apple wasn't the first to come up with it.

Retch-worthy? Only to Apple tards

I used to care about what you had to say until I realized Apple's masterminds have determined they shouldn't pay any taxes on 35 billion and climbing in the USA... I say to hell with Apple ...let em Dangle they ain't gonna pay our government a cent why should our taxpayers patent system protect them?

So samsung will provide each measly square inch of OLED for this retch-worthy product that will gather mould on store shelves the world over immediately after launch... I can hear those production lines humming now, or is that a swarm of bees?

And what's the bet that they'll annotate their IP company as "iKit"...

Google. Wow.

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