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Earlier today, Intel announced a number of new systems coming to market later this year. They touched on Silvermont, Bay Trail, Haswell and Xeon processors shifting to 22nm technology. The latter will provide Apple's Mac Pro users with a nice power boost upgrade if Apple so chooses to stay with this processor this fall. Their all-new Silvermont is unlikely a processor that Apple will use but it could always slip into a lower priced Mac mini if Apple so chose to entertain expanding the OS X market. Last week Intel illustrated that next generation Ultrabooks, premium notebooks like the MacBook Pro and high-end desktops like the iMac with Haswell could experience a huge leap in graphics power, as in 100 to 200% depending on the configuration chosen.


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Oh yeah, and a new mouse and keyboard with wireless charging to complete the set. Not that AA batteries are hassle, just think I remember seeing a patent for wireless mouse and keyboard a while back, and loved the idea. At least I hope I saw it and it wasn't just my imagination.

Oh my. A new powerhouse Mac Pro with beautifully Apple designed 4k display would be sooo nice. This is my dream.

An iMac with a Radeon 8000 series will provide the real performance boost and dump all over the GPU improvements in Haswell.

I agree with you as a consumer, but for scientists, ad agencies, 3D modellers, the Pentagon, Hollywood, the Music industry and others, there's a need for never ending power.

With that said, you never know what Apple is going to bring to the table this fall. They may abandon Intel and reinvent their high-end altogether.

Those freaking high-end Xeon chips are too damn expensive. $1600 for a decently-clocked 6-core Xeon is insane. I'm not saying it's not worth it, I'm just saying... Damn! The most I'm willing to pay for is a 4-core 3.4 GHz CTO iMac.

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