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May 30, 2013


You gotta love a company who's sole motive is market share. A company who is hell-bent and vows to be a "market share leader" is not exactly a company who has their priorities in place. Thats a company who doesn't give a shit about products or customers, its a company that treats customers like puppets who are just pawns in their quest to dominate market share.

Its pretty sad, companies who operate like this. Companies who only gives a damn about owning the market share. Not creating the best products they can, or delighting their customers, and providing the best service they can. Nope, just a sole priority of owning marketshare. Quite pathetic. But thats how Samsung has been for as long as I can remember them. A pretty disgraceful company who runs their business in their home country like a Mafia.

You say: "What I don't understand is how this actually hurts Apple except to drive down its share price."

Man, where do I begin to reply to that. You're talking like the Apple idiots of the 1980's. You're oh so happy to be a niche like Mercedes. If you're a shareholder, you experienced one the craziest rides to the top and going back to be a niche isn't in their interest. You lose Wall Street, you lose investors and eventually Apple is back to being a dinky niche.

I like Apple. I hope that they can spring back after the passing of Steve Jobs. But what I see now is a company that is stuck thinking they're still the leader when in fact they're losing ground on their crown every day that goes by that they don't show the world something new and great.

To Wall Street, market share appears to be more important than anything else and Samsung is happy to play Wall Street's game. What I don't understand is how this actually hurts Apple except to drive down its share price. Obviously, Apple only has to sell a certain amount of products at a certain profit margin to keep the company profitable. Apple only needs to continue to offer relatively up-to-date, high-quality products and good customer service. There will always be enough consumers around who want and can afford Apple products. I'd think it would be relatively simple for Apple to hold onto 10% market share consisting of high-end customers to keep the company well into the black no matter how many low-cost products are flooding the market.

I'm not sure who is behind this campaign spreading information that Apple's future is extremely at risk from low-cost products. I'm sure low-cost products will slow Apple's overall growth, but that's about it. The only thing that would be affected is Apple's share price because major market share and growth are all hedge fund investors are interested in. Other than that, Apple should internally be able to stay financially healthy. As long as Apple has decent product sales, there's no way the company is going to burn through $140 billion very quickly. Currently, Apple has a leg up on every tech company in existence when it comes to cash. It's odd that there are so many people out to undermine Apple. It's not as though Apple is forcing consumers to buy their products or driving rivals out of business by undercutting their prices. Why is providing good products to consumers seen as a crime?

Even if Samsung does flood the market with low-cost tablets, will consumers actually buy enough of them. It's too bad Apple doesn't have more services to combat Samsung's hardware push. I think if Apple were able to offer more services to consumers it would help keep the value of their hardware that much higher.

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