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May 23, 2013


#1. Thank you for catching the fine print that states "in certain embodiments they can the combined into a single device (e.g., an Internet-enabled television)." This is absolutely clear for the first time.

#2. Apple describes the limited way that Airplay is today. A 2way version opens the door for voting on shows like "The Voice" or American Idol or any show that wants you to vote by calling in your vote. Shows that ask you to vote will be able to work with Apple so that Airplay goes the other way. The show sends you a screen that will ask you to vote on your iPhone or iPad. The TV program "The Voice" already works with Apple by allowing users to buy a tune which translates as a vote. So the next step is to provide users with the ability to vote using a future version of Airplay that will send you the voting form that married to the TV show image.

Apple could theoretically marry this to FaceTime for TV where you'll be able to interact with your buddies in a new way using AirPlay.

It's a simple idea with a lot of potential.

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