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May 16, 2013


Why did Apple go with their own In-Cell display technology? Why was Apple first to the all-in-one desktop design that everyone is now copying? Why did they create the MacBook Air before anybody or the iPhone instead of a butt ugly dumbphone. They do it because it will provide a superior consumer experience. I have no idea why you even asked your question being that you've been around for a while, melgross.


Of course, there are large displays with touch screens now. Two that come to mind are from Dell and HP. This brings up the point of whether both of those companies have their own special technology for the touch, or whether they find the more usual tech to be sufficient. As I haven't tried those monitors, I can't say whether the sensitivity is sub par or not. But if not, then what's the purpose of Apple coming up with another method? Are they paying license fees they could avoid by owning their technology, even if it isn't superior?

Apple has loads of neats patent, but isn't putting them into products. Their senior management is retarded !

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