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May 21, 2013


First: All the money in the world can't pay the debt of the US gov. Remember to include the future unfunded liabilities. Derivatives and so on reaches in the trillions. Apple could help pay some bills for a few months.

The committee is will fully ignorant of the above fact. They want control and spend your money on their mistakes.
This is not the way it works in a household, or business, yet government brakes all the rules and tells you you cant.

Samsung, Apple I don't blame them for being capitalists. It's what drives us a a personal level to outdo ourselves
create a better future for us and others, say your family.

The fruits of ones labour should be ones own. Surely after taxes. The US gov want the steal money out of the piggy bank, money that already has been taxed.

And don't worry, they will come for your money. Just as they did in Cyprus. Apple is once again a leading example, for better or worse. Google also operates in the same way.

You are just blind. You don't even know how most of the tax payer money is used in US. It is used to bail out banks which makes profits and don't care how bad situation is in the country. Your money is also used on military that is most likely won't have any use, just to show how big * uncle Sam has.

Apple creates (any corporation hiding money) these "foreign entities" for the pure purpose of avoiding tax. Yes, if you're an American Company, you should pay taxes on all sales around the world. Apple has said that "if" the taxes would fall to a lower number that they would bring home the money. So it's a decision to hold back money purposely to avoid paying US taxes at a rate they don't agree with. It's not just Apple.

But hearing Apple at the hearing asking the government to pay a ransom, as this article framed it visually, in order to get access to their huge profits for taxes was mind boggling. Cook ranted about the good Apple is doing. Ya, right, if you don't pay taxes on your profits you can do these types of things. Tax money is to help fund government pay for things like cleaning up Oklahoma (and other disasters and update city infrastructures and unemployment etc). The tax system needs an overhaul. Apple is providing information. But in doing so, I now see Apple as just another corporate pig. I see that part of their innovation is how to avoid paying taxes, like all the other crooks.

They are not evading taxes since profits and assets made and held by foreign entities (even if those entities are controlled by US citizens) do not fall under US tax jurisdiction (The US does not claim legal ownership over all of planet Earth). They are also not hiding profits. The majority of their profits are not made in the US because the total number of countries in which Apple operates is more than the one you live in. The US government is saying that since Apple is an American company, profits made and held by all the companies and holdings around the world which Apple Inc. controls should be brought to the US (and be taxed by the US government).

Wow, intelligent insanity. I didn't realize that tax evasion had a new name: the transitional business model.

As an Apple fan, I was disgusted to hear about Apple's gamesmanship of hiding profits for the majority of their sales which are abroad. They're as crooked as Capone. My respect for Apple just fell off a cliff.

Carl Levin chose not to understand that as long as Apple does not transfer foreign made profits to the US, they are not obligated to pay US taxes on them. At the end, he was almost trying to guilt-trip Cook into bringing that cash "home" so the US government can tax it. Levin even suggested that it was wrong that Apple could unilaterally decide to leave foreign made profits outside the grasp of the US tax man. It was as if Levin was suggesting that if Tim Cook had a sister in Ireland that was in the same family business as cook, that the sister should somehow be forced to transfer her income to the US so it could be taxed. The hearing really opened my eyes into how some lawmakers in the US see the role of government and the IRS in conducting business and their failure to grasp transnational business models.

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