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April 11, 2013


You missed the fact that the US military is also trying to do away with Windows, focus more on open source like Linux and Open Office instead of Microsoft Office.
Vista tipped everyone off by being too multimedia focused, tons of errors, and many security holes thereby forcing DoD to say forget that nonsense and stick with XP, and some early systems started to run Linux at that time.

Linux GUIs are effective for what the military needs, their technicians can streamline the code to fit their needs and eliminate all superfluous code. It is not a big mystery, but work at that level and one can almost make an impregnable system.

Microsoft needs to quit releasing new versions every six minutes. Everyone knows that this is just greed. Windows 7 could have continued to be upgraded and they could slow down a bit with the MS Office product releases.

The bottom line, I hope that we can finally get away from these software crack drug dealers.

Apple is good for fun stuff but when it get's serious I always see apple user booting up their parallels or windows on the second partition... so Windows is the only operating system for serious stuff at the time.

If you haven't figured it out, you only buy every other Microsoft OS. Windows 98 was good, windows NT/2000 was crap, XP was great (IMO), Vista was crap, Windows 7 is good, because they made it similar to XP, so now Windows 8 is crap..... wait for the next one,, it should be another good one.

I have Windows 8.

- Windows 8 is honestly much faster than Windows 7 at processing (although truth is that I have a new customized Lenovo PC so it may be that too).
- Wifi is incredibly quick (I have top of the line(ish) Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 AGN WIFI.
- Windows 8 starts and shuts down much more quickly
- Windows 8 never crashes.
- Feels like a step in the right direction and a more solid product.

- the "metro" interface is a disaster. I have never spent more than 1 minute there and get out of it as quickly as possible and back to the traditional Windows 7 type of screen (minus the start button). It is slow and painful.
- takes a few minutes to get used to switching out of metro as quickly as possible.

That's pretty much it. For a PC buyer who doesn't want a Mac, Windows 8 is a no-brainer.

Windows 8 was released in beta version in order to get feedback; feedback was given by cutting edge power users (Who else uses beta versions?), and Microsoft in their usual arrogance, decided once again to treat their customer base with contempt, by ignoring their feedback, and proceeded with shoving an anti-pc user interface down the throats of the very customers who are Microsoft's life blood; after all Microsoft knows what's best for us, because we're too stupid to know what tools we need to get the job done! Microsoft is getting what they deserve!

linux and mac what else ? :)

Buy apple. Sell Microsoft

Windows 8 is cool while the Mac stinks. You can't do anything with it.

Windows 8 follows Windows 7 and Vista as the latest in a series of dud operating systems. You would have thought that they would have noticed the trend and done something sensible for a change.

Windows 7 is the best Windows ever.. windows 8 is more for phones and tablets. I don't like the interface..

Microsoft sucks, plain and simple.

Microsoft ruins everything they touch, even their own products keep getting worse as they mess with them.

I went back to Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit after just two days of Windows 8. It's a total piece of crap!

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