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April 27, 2013


No, sales records are not copying per say. But I think the point Jack was making is that, the Apple envy is quite evident. Everything they do just comes across as chasing Apples tails. They're simply obsessed with Apples products more than even Apples most loyal users. Whether they're emulating Apples product design philosophies or trying to match Apples records, it seems everything they are doing is completely obsessive Apple envy and chasing Apples heels.

It's pretty pathetic. Number one, for sales records to even be a noteworthy goal for the company, but also the fact that their goal is simply to chase Apples records. It's a pretty sad and uninspiring way for a company to act who is supposedly a "market leader." Yea, leaders surely don't follow, they lead, hence the term LEADER.

Well I don't know what "breachkin" is, but I assume you meant to say "breaking" in your excitable state.

No, there's no harm in breaking a record as that's an admirable goal for any sales team or company. The thing is that most keep it low key or to themselves until they actually achieve it rather than boast about something that is still a dream. Apple has succeeded and Samsung envy demands that they achieve that. It's an obsession with Samsung to copy Apple. It's just the way it is Mr. X.

Is breackin a sales record copying?

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