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April 26, 2013


Android is a troubled platform, it only has some hype, but their biggest problem is they cant retain their customer base as the software is not stable, after some time, users will have headache, and decided to run away from the platform.

simple tip for Android fans... you buy an Android phone, never upgrade the Android version and never install any applications. your Android phone will last long.

Stealing Market share, ideas, concepts, design, strategy etc etc... Need I say more?

Ha, I love you Android heads. You can't seem to focus on the topic at hand. If you don't like the stats, pretend that they're not there and start another conversation. Look at the byline ... take a deep breath and ... see the truth it presents in actual context to the numbers published by Chitika. At 4% of web traffic, saying that Samsung's Galaxy tablet is struggling to compete against the iPad as being very polite, boy.

Apple looks like the company that's doing all the struggling and Samsung looks like it's just breezing along stealing market share from Apple like there's no tomorrow.

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