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April 25, 2013


5 years behind?

How about giving us some facts and not just words.

I have no douts that Samsung is lying.


Quality and functionality win for me. Plastic or not its made right. As for the way I treat a phone I go through several a year. Why would I get an iPhone when the technology, not even perfected, is 5 years old. S4 is the way to go...

I had a sense, as the Samsung vs Apple case wrapped up, that a noticeable backlash against Apple swung into effect. My first reaction was to see it as a few techies who didn't like the thought of "Apple the Corporation" stomping on hapless competition. But the tone and breadth of the blogs and comments kept building and took on a consistently unreasoned rant-like quality.

Friends and I started to note the change and speculated that Google had thrown its search-engine weight behind the threads. We thought that they were forcing the Apple negativity to the top of the search feeds. When the story broke a few weeks ago that Samsung had been paying shills to badmouth Apple online with the goal of splattering mud on apple's brand, it was an "aha" moment. "So THAT's what's been happening!"

I recall from branding lessons that they are both the biggest strength and the greatest weakness of any company. They draw in more customers when the brand is high, but all it takes is cheap mud to bring them down. Look at Microsoft and Vista (now Windows 8). Heck, look at the last few political campaigns!

I say "hooray" to an investigation. I hope Samsung is caught with muddy hands and hope dearly that Google hasn't colluded with them. Let's get back to "great products" and innovation, I say. No more "dirty tricks"!

Thank you for calling them out. I've been thinking the same thing.

I think it's just a bunch of baloney!

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