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April 19, 2013


I think it's clear that I'm questioning Samsung's project and motives Peter. Though it's cute that you're defending MIT Technology Review. I'm sure they'll appreciate that.

MIT's Technology Review is a very well respected publication. You are undermining their reputation by you questioning them.

Well said. Companies who are truly talented and innovative don't need to gloat and boast, holding staged PR gigs to make sure everyone knows how innovative they are. Innovative companies work quietly, until the innovation becomes reality and speaks for itself.

Samsung has been incredibly desperate lately to make themselves APPEAR like innovators. I think gloating about research like this (which is nothing new), and even some of the useless half-baked novelty features in the S4, paint that picture quite clear to anyone with intelligence and the ability to recognize true innovation.

Someone who is truly on the cusp of something revolutionary would be keeping it very secret, to prevent the Samsungs of the world from stealing and ripping them off.

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