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April 04, 2013


Does this mean that Microsoft is stomping on yet another Apple patent?

If your read the report instead of just react, you'd see that Apple had revealed their initial work on this in 2008. So on paper, Apple was miles ahead of Wintel.

Real "Convertibles" will arrive this summer, though a few have toyed with the idea earlier. Yet that's why the byline starts with "Finally!"

On the other hand Jordan, the Wintel camp blatantly copied Apple's MacBook Air (Asus), so you tend to only see what you want to see.

Additionally, if would have read my comment below, I'm all for this type of product and will likely buy an HP unit this summer because Apple is likely not to have one for a while.

I edited out your typical Android tirade over Apple never innovating, and more, because you people have no balance. This is an Apple patent report, Jordan. I'm reporting on it. Get over it. Ha!

This is one case where Apple is behind, where Apple has a "me-too" product.

as long as it runs an os thats more like osx [osxi ?] and not just ios [ iosx ??] then itd be great :D

Hi Rick, thanks for the question.

For me, who first discovered Apple's secret work on a notebook hybrid (at least a patent revelation)five years ago, it's great to finally see some details to a product that will be a natural evolution for their MacBooks. Wintel will be launching this kind of product this summer and I'll likely be getting one for my work. I'd like an Apple solution like this, but they don't have one and Cook isn't for it, well at least publicly that is.

It's a natural combo of products. Apple should have been first with this, but the iPad is doing exceedingly well. So who can blame them. They're having problems as is in trying to find enough touch displays. A hybrid notebook would over-stress their supply chain at the moment. But competition may force their hand in the coming years if the hybrid category does well over time.

So it's great to see that Apple, at the very least, having a detailed focused patent application on record for such a device in the wings should they decide to pursue this avenue at a later date. For me, it couldn't be soon enough.


Why “finally”?

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