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Apple Wins Patent for Creating a Comic Book from a Video Game

1. COVER, Apple granted Patent for Creating comic book from video game
The US Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 54 newly granted patents for Apple Inc. In our first granted patent report of the day we cover Apple's wild invention relating to the creation a comic book from video game play and two design patent wins.

Apple Granted Patent for Creating a Comic Book from Video Game Play


Apple has been granted a patent today for their invention relating to systems and method for generating a book, e-book, or comic book from data recorded from a videogame.


2. Apple Granted a patent for creating a comic book from video Game Play

Apple states that data may be recorded from a videogame executed on an electronic device. The recorded data may include character information, dialogue from the videogame, and results and metrics reflecting the performance of the user in the videogame. The recorded data may be inserted into a narrative data structure having pre-generated text. In some embodiments, the recorded data may be used as the basis for selecting among a plurality of pre-generated text. A book, e-book, or comic book may be produced from the narrative data structure. The electronic device may send the e-book to a user of the electronic device, or send the narrative data structure to a server for printing.


Apple credits Eric Hope as the sole inventor of this granted patent which was originally filed in Q1 2009 and published today by the US Patent and Trademark Office. For more details, see Patently Apple's August 2010 report titled "Apple App will create a Comic Book from Your Video Game Play."


Apple Granted Two Design Patents Today


Apple has been granted two design patents today which cover the now defunct iPad keyboard dock and an iPad component.


3. Apple granted 2 design patents 04.23.13

Under "other references" for the iPad component, Apple lists an odd one that states the following: "Apple's Reply in Support of its Motion for a Preliminary Injunction (Redacted), p. 11, Apple Inc. v. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., United States District Court, Northern District of California, San Jose Division, Case No. 11-cv-01846-LHK, dated Oct. 13, 2011, 38 pages total cited by applicant." What this has to do with this iPad component is unknown at this time."


Apple doesn't identify the iPad 4 component's function. The ifixit teardown illustrates the component upside down in their bottom photo, but likewise doesn't identify the component in their report.


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