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March 30, 2013


Salary too

Funny, we're supposed to think that Forbes found this report after being widely reported from patently apple yesterday. Who knew that the mainstream press were such ripoff artists. They didn't do the research but love to take credit for it. Shameful.

I'm a trademark agent, and this will be overcome on response from Apple's trademark agent.

I can understand refusing to not trademark "mini" by itself but as a product identifier such as "iPad mini" it's clearly stating that there's a smaller version of the larger iPad.

Apple owns the trademark for "iPod nano" which was allowed and what's the real difference between mini and nano? It's just denoting a smaller version of of another full sized standing product. One is allowed and the other not. How stupid is that?

It appears that USPTO just has a policy of some kind when it comes to the word "mini" associated with a product. The "Mac mini" isn't a registered trademark either, showing their stupidity is at least consistent. But that doesn't say much, does it.

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