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March 22, 2013


I've used both Android phones and iphones. They both have their have ups and downs. I've always favored Google products for their ease of use and customization.

Everyone is moving in the right direction in terms of software and i hope Apple can keep up with the rest of the world.

Agree 100%

Hopefully Apple (or Ive) will do all those things, especially the widgets. After all, they had the widget dashboard in the Mac since 2005, it's time to let iOS have widgets too. Apple is very conservative when it comes to give more features to iOS. Often new features can slow down the system if the hardware was not designed for them: I remember it took them a long time to let iOS's home screen have pictures as background, instead of plain black - not because it was too hard to implement, but because the iPhone 1 would lag a little when having a background and they believed this would disrupt the user experience too much (which was true, a tiny little lag can make a big difference in feeling).

Anyway, I bet that most of the things you said will be done with iOS 7, it's time to have those features and the hardware is ready for them (except for the LED, but who knows maybe it will be in the 5S).

And what you see is the law?

That's a definitely a "personal" observation as the ones who are checking out the larger screen phones at Best Buy are usually men. Who doesn't want a larger screen so that it's easier to read material on? Kids or people with petite hands, like females. I see the opposite of what you're seeing.

I don't know whether you've noticed that the larger screen is a very feminine thing. I have seen more women carrying the large samsung than men.

I agree with most of your take.

When we didn't have a choice, having your iPhone with apps was interesting on a very small screen. But once the screen gets larger in the 4.5 to 5.5 inch range, icons alone don't cut it for my home page.

Apple has so many great features on their istuff like retina, panorama, iTunes and more that i don't want to pick on them, just saying that the homescreen could be so much more.

I hear what you're saying and agree to a point. But when Apple introduced the Macintosh, the UI wasn't a line item UI it was different. Change and trends happen and more so today. Apple's UI worked for the iPod touch and to a certain extent the iPhone. But the minute you go to the tablet, it's not interesting at all for my homepage. I do prefer a metro style UI for a homepage and have the current style homepage as an "Apps" box that I click on. I like apps but I'd rather have photos on my home page and only see a few apps that I prioritize.

You seem to be overly offended by competitors pointing out that Apple's UI is stale. Sometimes it's good for competitors to kick the tires and point out another companies short comings. I love shopping for tech and can't help agree on two points.

1 - The 5" displays are more in tune to what I want from a smartphone and,
2 - I wouldn't mind having the option of easily customizing my iphone or ipad home screen.

I can't wait to see Apple revitalize the iOS UI. But at the same time, I think its somewhat curious to say that iOS is stale. How long did we have the original Mac Classic user interface style? It really took until Mac OSX, and then eventually Windows Vista, to really change the style of the common graphical user interface style to have richer graphics. That was DECADES. iOS is only 5 years old....starting with a strong foundation that didn't need much change, means its stale?

I understand the world is moving faster than ever, but its silly to call innovation dead at Apple or "stale." Apple started with a STRONG foundation on day one, that took the competitors 5 years to come up against. And now they all wanna start tooting their magical innovation horns, and call Apple "stale." Was Palm OS stale for essentially not changing practically at all until WebOS? I didn't hear the media badgering Palm for "user interface" back in 2005.

Yes, Apple shouldn't sit on their asses, and yes iOS should definitely revitalize itself. But the noise in the media and from competitors to me is almost laughable. 5 years later they can call iOS stale. Thats hilarious. Lets see them back up the talk with something truly radically revolutionary like the iPhone, then maybe they'll have some clout.

I think current iPhone's home/lock screen design is brilliant. It works for people from age 1 to 90. When compare it to Android's complex (but flexible) home screen, some people think iPhone is outdated.

I think Apple should keep the current Home screen design by default but allow pro-users customize it by integrating functions from built-in apps (or widgets). Later, let a few special third-party apps to do that (kind of like Siri's current functions) and after a year open it to all developers.

App functions (e.g. email, calendar, weather) integrated to Home screen, lock screen and notification panel is very useful to pro-users. Apple could tailor made what type of functions that could be allowed (just like background tasks API).

It is even more useful for iPad with a screen real-estate much bigger than phone. I wish I could minimize the email screen to one fourth of screen while putting a video window on another one fourth of screen and the rest is a web browser. Since most apps are universal, it is easier to do that in iPad by letting apps running in minimize mode to have non-retina mode while others in retina mode.

Ive could even come up with some new software ideas that need hardware to complete it since he is in charge of both department design. For example, a blinking light on the phone to let users know that they got notifications (email, sms, calendar events, etc) without a need to press Home button to find it out. IMHO, this is an excellent example showing that just software (notification) is not enough to get the full great user experience if no hardware support for it.

What do you think?

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