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March 08, 2013


This is meant to keep it out of Google and Samsungs hands I think

The whole patent system seems to be a joke. Samsung has been found guilty of infringing on several of Apple's patents and little has been done. By the time appeals are done they have discontinued the products and moved on to other devices. The only people that seem to benefit are attorneys and the companies that copy the innovative products.

There's no way to stop companies from shamelessly copying others, the only thing you can do is to try to slow them down with patent litigation.

Microsoft's entire business has been built on copying every last move Apple makes to the most minuscule iota. This method was phenomenally successful in the past - coupled with Gate's penchant for disregarding every single rule of honest business practice, or honesty even as an abstract concept.
Unfortunately for Microsoft, those simplistic childhood notions we've had of honesty and moral worth still seems to have some strange effect on human affairs. They spent so long trying to suction up all their competitors creativity and assimilate the entire tech industry, that eventually they got sucked up into their own a-hole.
Now it's dark and hot in there apparently, and it smells of sulphur and brimstone, and strange things go bump in the night. But without a change in mindset, it's just one long smelly death that never seems to end - but that's microsofts fate, and they earned it. They will keep on copying and disregarding fair business practices to their last breath, praying no one notices...hopefully one day creating good by serving as a reminder.


Gates at the campus during an unguarded moment

I don't see how it could ever get granted...

Very slimey though.

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