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March 16, 2013


Hi Geo, thanks for the link to the two videos which were interesting.

However, what I didn't state in the report is that the "new" technology was first introduced in mid December 2012. I did however state that it just went into production this past Friday. IGZO on the other hand is already a standing product.

Additionally, the IGZO technology in your video is dated in August 2012. So it appears that this "new" display technology is a further advancement of their standing technology.

Whether this is the next generation of IGZO is unknown as the new technology wasn't presented with a brand name.

Cheers, Geo

I dont really know, but I have seen the video where they talk about what kind of advantages does IGZO bring to the market. Here is the video:

Here's another video:


It can however be combined with igzo, and also be an important part.
Tried finding some other sources about this, didn't find any, but since its being in production already, it looks good for upcoming apple products.

what part of "new technology" didn't you get? IGZO doesn't allow you to write on its surface with a pencil or allow you to operate an iPhone or iPad with gloves on. It's new. It's not IGZO.

Isn't it the same? I mean that with the help of IGZO there isn't much disturbance of touch-sensitive panel

Yes it is and this latest technology even sounds better.

Sharp's IGZO technology is pretty impressive.

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