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For our morning edition of MORENEWS we present you with three simple reports. One points to Samsung's Butt Ugly Tizen OS on a smartphone prototype. Another report points to a Macite who is drooling for Google's Glass while our last report points out that some Mac faithful feel abandoned by new Apple.

Google Glass is a Giant Chisel to pry me out of Apple's Ecosystem


Venture Beat's John Koetsier is a big Apple fan who thinks that Google's upcoming Glass product is really going to appeal to Macites. Koetsier writes, "Glass is coming to retail stores in 2013. Glass is voice control. Glass is the power of the Google mega-machine learning complex sitting on your nose. Glass is context. Glass is immediate. Glass is the paradox of the unobtrusiveness of technology shining into your eyes with the obtrusiveness of a device riding on your face. Glass is sexy. And I want it." Koetsier's article is a good read.


What Happens to Mac Fanatics when the Brand Bums them out?


Lydia Depillis of New Republic penned an interesting read for those who are old school Mac die-hards. Depillis writes, "In the history of commerce, only one corporation could fairly be compared to a major religion, in that it's amassed a devoted following and often is a source of public debate: Apple. But what happens to a group of believers when the object of their devotion disappoints them?"


Depillis adds that the very people that Apple "won over stuck with the company through its toughest times, evangelizing it to anybody who'd listen. Now Apple has grown to a point where some of those hardcore supporters don't even recognize the company they fell in love with a decade or two ago, and feel powerless to correct its course." If you have the time, it's a good read.


Here's a Look at Samsung's Butt Ugly Tizen OS Prototype


Earlier this month we reported that Samsung was to release a new high-end smartphone with its own operating system. We confirmed that news earlier this week when Samsung did it fact debut the new OS behind closed doors. However, since that time we've learned a few more details beginning with this photo of the Butt Ugly OS on a Samsung smartphone, below.


2. Samsung Prototype Tizen OS - Butt Ugly


The organization behind Tizen, the open source operating system, held a meeting Feb 26, 2013 at the Mobile World Congress 2013. At the event, Samsung Electronics exhibited their first prototype of a Tizen-based smartphone. Also noted was that NTT DoCoMo and France-based Orange announced that they'll be releasing Tizen-based smartphones within 2013.






I agree. Totally lame to be wearing that stupid device all the time. We will all look like The Borg! All the people hyping it are just that. I don't know a single person who would want to use that device.

Kawasaki is a has been. He isn't even relevant any more. If he was he would of actually been working for someone before this hiring.

There is no way that society is ready to wear Google glasses in their current form. If they were less intrusive, maybe. However, they are going to be outlawed in so many places: court houses, gym locker rooms, etc.

As for Tizen, I'm eager to see Samsung duking it out with Moto-Goog and their planned "iPhone killer" set for release later this year. The fact that Motorola just hired former Apple-evangelist Guy Kawasaki makes this even more interesting.

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