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Two interesting reports have surfaced this morning that are worth checking out. The first report brief is about Nokia filing an Amicus Brief supporting Apple's pursuit of a permanent injunction against Samsung. The second report brief is about a new eye-tracking feature that will offer automatic page scrolling. The new feature is expected to roll out during Samsung's Special Event in New York next week.

Nokia Files Amicus Brief supporting Apple's Pursuit of a Permanent Injunction against Samsung


A new report by FOSS Patents is worth a read this morning if legal matters interest you. According to Florian Mueller, "Nokia supports Apple's efforts to ensure that U.S. patent holders have access to injunctive relief even if a defendant can argue that the accused products potentially implement (or infringe) vast numbers of patents. Just like Apple, Nokia also appears to be very concerned that U.S. case law on patent injunctions, particularly in the Apple v. Samsung dispute, has recently been leading to a "compulsory-licensing system wherein patent holders are forced to license patented technology to competing firms, which could in turn harm incentives to innovate."


Samsung's Galaxy SIV to Introduce Eye-Tracking that will Control On-Screen Scrolling


The UK's Telegraph reports today Samsung will be introducing a new eye-tracking feature with their upcoming Galaxy SIV. The report states that "The new feature will allow the phone to track the movement of your eyes down the screen and then offer you the next paragraph of text without you having to use your fingers to scroll."


Samsung filed for two trademarks supporting this new feature. One of them was filed on February 05, 2013 under application 85841485 titled "Samsung Eye Scroll." Samsung filed their new trademark under International Class 009 which covers the following: "Computer application software having a feature of sensing eye movements and scrolling displays of mobile devices, namely, mobile phones, smart phones and tablet computers according to eye movements; digital cameras; mobile telephones; smart phones; tablet computers."


2. Samsung Eye Scroll


Features such as this will put pressure on Apple to introduce more razzle dazzle for their iPhone 6 debuting later this year.


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