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March 15, 2013


Statistically, what I've stated, Karim, is accurate even if you prefer to stick your head in the sand.

I like Samsung's leap to a 5" display myself and hope that Apple's iPhone 6 will do the same. But is that really innovation? No. Just good marketing.

You did however make me laugh when you stated "They [Samsung] do not have a personal vendetta for Apple." Wow, what an asinine comment. They are all over the world trying to hurt Apple in the courts and were even found guilty for abusing their FRAND patents. The Japanese recently found them guilty.

See this report: http://www.patentlyapple.com/patently-apple/2013/03/finally-japan-finds-samsung-guilty-of-abusing-the-frand-process.html

I get that you like a phone that doesn't lock you in. That's a preference that has nothing to do with this article. You either like the iPhone or you don't, but it's not an issue covered in our report. You're mixing things up.

The Galaxy S4 just came out and so of course their specs have been upgraded. Apple will do the same with the iPhone 6. Again, that's not what the article is talking about.

I get that you're a frustrated Samsung Singer, a fan of the Great Copy Cat. But what you're talking about doesn't address the facts in the article.

Thanks for your honest opinion. Cheers

There's a reason why the media has put emphasis on Samsung's phones lately. They do not have a personal vendetta for Apple. As far as one can see, hardware used in Samsung's latest phones outrun any of the iPhones, especially the latest S4.

Feature wise Apple may still hold a strong point, but they're a company that forces people to stay with them if they buy a lot of apps, making them not able to switch. They may have some advantages, some specific built in features, but as I said, there is in no way that Apple products are still out running the High-End galaxy range.

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