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March 19, 2013


Proof: "And just as Google and other companies are trying to find smarter and smarter ways of filtering the world’s information, so is the CIA, USING MANY OF THE SAME TOOLS AND TECHNOLOGIES (emphasis added) — it is just doing so for a different purpose." Ira “Gus” Hunt CTO CIA

The clearest proof of convergence and cooperation between Google and CIA. The same data the same algorithms just different zip codes to send the search results.

Its easier for Google to search for ammonia nitrate for fertilizer ad placements as for bomb making! But the results just gets filtered to CIA. It efficient as well -- one access Google's Android, one search engine Google two interested parties and CIA doesn’t want 'Nose job' results. So CIA only wants defined search details not the crap that Google ads makes its money on.

Google thus sees itself as saving "the American Way" and in the process being protected by Uncle Sam ( father's {big} brother) when it transcends the law just as J Edgar never believed in the Mafia even though the CIA used the Mafia in WWII and continued its contacts till '63 and beyond.

I've always said Google has as its defender the FBI CIA and any other USA department that wants without court warrant access to personal data.
On top of spying on everyone itself for direct advertising its data is usefull to the Feds.
With the GG not only will Google know where you are it can access data through a dumb human.

The perfect Big Brother!

The opportunities to make money off the secrets of others with this new technology are mine boggling and limited only by one's imagination.

Thank you Google in this time of recession for helping clever early adopters to access unlimited wealth.

Any way to jam the signal in private or corporate zones?

I completely agree. Google Glass is dangerous. I found this article that does a good job explaining why. Laws definitely need to be passed to stop this kind of technology.

Bring on google glass. If you've got nothing
to hide you've got nothing to worry about.
It's just a great useful handy piece of technology.
We all walk around with phones and use them
In appropriate situations. Anyone stupid enough
to use this technology to break the law then let them
feel the full force of the law. Just respect establishments
If they don't want visitors using them on there premises.
Welcome to the future, I for one cannot wait.
Trudie UK

I totally agree with this article.
Google seems to be interested in every business that can bring them information about people.

"Don't be evil", they say.
But guess who decides who is evil and who is not?

Rumour is that even Google will ban the use of Google Glass in certain areas of its own workplace. However this shouldn't be suprising as many workplaces and institutions ban cameras, photography, or video. As for ownership this is becoming more commonplace look at twitter's policy if you post a picture. I for one think that Google Glasses provides a practical step forward in computing. It could have great application in the workplace and I've suggested a few use cases in my blog:

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