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March 14, 2013


I love this article it says exactly what I wanna say

Even after the s4 is long forgotten, people will remember this presentation years from now, becoming a part of tech lore, like the sweaty Balmer.

Samsung showed their true colors tonight. Their 'presentation', like their phone, was truly over the top, and not in a good way. It was huge, complicated, confusing and all done in exceedingly poor taste, from the cheesy acts to the smarmy host. It has been noted elsewhere that the 'show' was in many way degrading towards women in that it displayed, and embraced, many outdated sexual stereotypes. Samsung has a long history of sexism (see 'too smart for Amy') In addition it is a company that scrupulously steals other people's intellectual property. None of that is 'cool'.

Samsung are the opposite of 'cool'. They are repulsive.

Just amazingly horrible…how can one blow a smartphone presentation … like that one

You hit the nail on the head. It was a HORRIBLE presentation and horrible upgrades. They even started copying Apples apps and started using an S in front of everything like Apple does with i. They're really pathetic.

Lol it's true Jack!

Lmao...I'm tired of the same old same old from apple. I'm switching!

'Legendary Innovation', could you name two innovations? Hehe. I know, you badly find some REAL innovation.
And yes, samsung died, they need to invest much more on annoying, massive and abusive marketing if they want to get something (and its budget for marketing was like the rest of makers all combined in 2012, including Apple's)

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