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March 27, 2013


I agree with you Donna, but maybe the byline should have emphasized the new Samsung content and services site instead of the iTune-like app. The new website was the core of the Korean report.

It's still an interesting report because we see that Samsung is really beefing up content and services for their next OS Tizen like wanting the top 100 iPhone games for Tizen.

Any report kicking Samsung is fun.

I think the confusion lies in that the new site that Samsung launched on March 26th and the Keis app that's been out for a while. Although patentlyapple points to the app as a side note to make fun of, the fact is that the site, according to Korea's own press launched yesterday. The fact it also covers Kies isn't the point.

I read the Korean report and your right, the service was launched yesterday. What aspects of it were released yesterday I can't tell as I don't use anything Samsung. So while some say some of it has been out earlier, I'd like to know what, because the claim of March 26th is in black and white and from Korea's own press which should know what is new and what isn't when it comes to their native Samsung.

I'm seriously shocked. They rip off every single thing.

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