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China Mobile Rolls out TD-LTE Service Opening the Door for Apple's iPhone 6 later this year

On Wednesday we reported that with Qualcomm's new LTE solution supporting TD-LTE, Apple is likely to gain access to China Mobile's network later this year with their iPhone 6. In 2011 China Mobile stated that that they had discussed the issue with Apple and have already received a positive response. Today, DigiTimes is reporting that China Mobile, the largest mobile telecom carrier in China, unveiled new phones in Barcelona this week at the Mobile World Congress based on TD-LTE confirming that some of their network is now running with this new standard.


China Mobile confirmed that they'll be conducting TD-LTE trials in more than 100 cities in China in 2013. According to China's Tencent website, that will translate to serving a population of over 500 million. This is likely to open the door for Apple's iPhone 6. This development would exponentially grow Apple's footprint in the largest market in the world. We reported back in September that Mobile China's ability to quickly upgrade to new telecom standards was made possible with the assistance of Intel's new C-RAN architecture.


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