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Apple's Wins Big Time with 16 Design Patents in China

1. Cover, Apple Wins 16 Design Patents in Hong Kong, China
Apple was granted a whopping sixteen design wins in Hong Kong China late this afternoon. Fourteen out of the sixteen designs relate to elements found in iPhoto for iOS. The designs include high profile images such as the iPhoto icon, as noted in our cover graphic, along with "Brushes" and "Swatches" but to name a few. The remaining wins covered Siri and Apple TVs UI. All of Apple's designs were originally filed for in Hong Kong in September of 2012 and official published as granted today. Our report covers a number of Apple's supplied Jumbo graphics and more.

2. 1 of 16 Granted Design Patent Wins for Apple, Hong Kong China 01. 03. 2013 

Apple's design wins were listed in the Hong Kong datatbase as a series running from numbers 1201772.1M001 - 1M016. Below are the designs that were covered. 


3. Apple Wins iPhoto for iOS Design Patent in China 

4. Apple's iPhoto Swatches Graphic Design wins patent in China 

5. Brushes, Color Graphic, Apple iPhoto iOS 

6. iPhoto, iOS, Journal's Glass Shelving 

7. various UI Elements from Apple's iPhoto for iOS Granted Patents in China 

8. Apple TV UI Graphic

In other IP News, Apple's "Joint Venture" is now a registered trademark in Canada under TMA844251. Apple's trademark was officially granted on February 21, 2013. Apple's trademark covers a wide range services including retail stores, electronic devices, advisory and consultancy services, education, training, seminars, conducting classes, conferences, seminars and more


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