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March 20, 2013


Sand (silica sand) ranges between 6 and 7. And hardened steel is 7-8. Which can both scratch your iPhone when pressure applied. It always depends on what material you carry your iPhone with.

I hope that Apple will make iPhone with Liquid Metal and Sapphire Glass in the future. That would be a really luxury looking phone.

Sadly, even the latest (currently used) Gorilla Glass isn't impervious to scratches or cracks/breakage. The extra 2 steps up on the Mohs scale would make a significant difference.

Molly Woods from CNet carried her new iPhone 5 in her purse for a week with no protection on it. The screen had lots of visible scratches.

Gorilla's Glass hardness by Mohs scale (where diamond is hardest and has a value 10) reported is 7. Sapphire (Corundum) glass is 9. To put this in to perceptive:
Finger nail is 2.5, Gorilla can take it any time of the day. Your hardest part of the body - tooth enamel is 5. Yes, you can give your iPhone to the dog without a worry.


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