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Apple Granted 48 Patents Today Covering Technologies such as a Synchronized Interactive Augmented Reality Display, Tactile Feedback System for iDevices, Virtual Keyboards & More

1. Cover Graphic, Apple patent for AR display
It's a big day for Apple patents as the US Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 48 of their newly granted patents. Our report covers four Apple design patents along with 44 utility patents that cover such technologies as a synchronized interactive augmented reality display for iDevices, a tactile feedback system for iDevices, virtual keyboards, touch screens with transparent conductive material resistors and much, much more. 

Apple Granted Patent for Synchronized, Interactive Augmented Reality Displays for iDevices


Apple has been granted a patent today for their invention relating to synchronized, interactive augmented reality displays for multifunctional devices or iDevices.


According to Apple, the granted patent is about a device that can receive live video of a real-world, physical environment on a touch sensitive surface. One or more objects can be identified in the live video. An information layer can be generated related to the objects. In some implementations, the information layer can include annotations made by a user through the touch sensitive surface. The information layer and live video can be combined in a display of the device. Data can be received from one or more onboard sensors indicating that the device is in motion. The sensor data can be used to synchronize the live video and the information layer as the perspective of video camera view changes due to the motion. The live video and information layer can be shared with other devices over a communication link.


2. Synchronized, interactive AR display patent, Apple

For more detail on this patent, you could check out our original July 2011 report.


Apple credits Brett Bilbrey, Nicholas King and Aleksandar Pance as the inventors of this granted patent which was originally filed in Q1 2010.


Apple Granted Patent for Tactile Feedback


Apple has been granted a patent today for their invention relating to tactile feedback for iDevices. The electronic device may provide tactile feedback using any suitable approach, including for example vibration, heat, electrical, visual, or any other type of feedback. The electronic device may provide tactile feedback in response to detecting any particular status of the electronic device, receiving any particular input, or detecting any suitable communication received by the electronic device.


3. Apple granted tactile feedback patent for iDevices Mar 19, 2013

The iPod design covering a speaker accessory in patent figures 1 was first published in 2009. Apple's patent figure 2 represents tactile feedback on an iPhone.


Apple credits Anthony Fadell, Andrew Hodge, Stephen Zadesky, Aram Lindahl and Anthony Guetta as the inventors of granted patent 8,400,283 which was last filed in Q1 2012, though the original filing dates back to 2007.


Other Notable Granted Patents


Other notable patents granted to Apple today include (one) Soft keyboard display for a portable multifunction device, (two) Touch screens with transparent conductive material resistors, (three) Methods for designing an antenna using an oversized antenna flex


Apple Granted Four Design Patents


The US Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple four design patents today covering the iPod nano sixth generation, an iPhone cover plate crediting the late Steve Jobs, a battery design and iPhone interface element.


4. Apple granted 4 patents Mar 19, 2013

The Remaining Patents that were granted to Apple Today 


5. The remaining patents that were granted to Apple Mar 19, 2013

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