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Apple is definitely racking up some impressive wins in the sky. Last Friday we reported that 84% of airline travelers are using an iOS device and over the last year we've seen two impressive business profiles that Apple created for Taiwan Air and United Airlines. Apple's iPad story for airlines now continues with an announcement from Qantas. A new report today from India states that passengers flying Australian carrier Qantas will now be provided with individual iPads which can stream more than 200 hours of movies, TV shows and music.

The new service, which supplies an iPad for use during the flight, is being offered in all classes on flights between Sydney and Honolulu on the airline's Boeing 767 aircraft, which have also been refitted with leather seat covers in business class, new carpeting, lighting, curtains and cabin dividers.


Below you'll find a business profile video of the iPad being used by United Airline pilots around the world.




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