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In a new research report published by ABI today they forecast wearable computing devices such as Apple’s iWatch to exceed 485 million annual shipments by 2018. The report states that "Wearable computing devices are projected to explode in popularity over the next year and with a wave of new gadgets set to hit the consumer market, could soon become the norm for most people within five years."


In respect to Apple's possible iWatch, ABI's report specifically stated that "The major question is whether the digital time piece will act as a complimentary device to the company's iPhone smartphones or as a standalone product with other functionalities like health or activity tracking capabilities."


ABI's report was written prior to the release of Apple's patent application concerning a next generation bracelet doubling as a watch. The answer to ABI's question is that Apple describes their wearable computer as an accessory to an iDevice such as an iPhone. The patent filing states that it will list incoming calls, not make them.


With devices  wearable computers like Apple's iWatch and Google's Glass coming to market within the next year or two, we appear to be on the cusp of the next wave of revolutionary digital devices. Hang on folks as this could be another wild ride for both consumers and shareholders alike. Quick changes in the market are always disruptive.  


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Before the products are actually on the market the analysts already have an estimate on the sales. I bet it adds to the hype factor and perhaps people wanting to have it even more.


That number sounds low

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