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SmartPhone has filed their second patent infringement lawsuit against Apple in the last fifteen months. Their first patent infringement case claimed six counts of infringement and this current suit claims four new counts of infringement. Smartphone is associated with Acacia Research Corporation with licenses technology to the likes of LG Electronics, Microsoft, Samsung and others.


The four new counts of infringement against Apple were filed in a new lawsuit filed with the court last night. All the patents show that SmartPhone is using four PalmSource Patents as follows:


1. 7,076,275 entitled "Method and System for Single-Step Enablement Of Telephony Functionality for a Portable Computer System"


2. 7,506,064 entitled "Handheld Computer System That Attempts to Establish an Alternative Network Link upon Failing to Establish a Requested Network Link"


2. Smartphone sues Apple with 4 new PalmSource Patents


3. 7,533,342 entitled "System ad Method of a Personal Computer Device Providing Telephone Capability"


4. RE40,459 entitled "Method and apparatus for communicating information over low bandwidth communications networks"


SmartPhone is alleging that Apple's complete line-up of iPhones and iPads, including the new iPad mini infringe upon their patents listed above. Because these devices run on the AT&T network, SmartPhone adds AT&T to the lawsuit.


The patent infringement case presented in today's report was filed with the Texas Eastern District Court. At present, no Judge has been assigned to the case. 




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